• Our Company restores each booster back to its O.E.M. performance by replacing every critical component. What this means to you is not your typical national re-builders wash job.
  • Utilizing a restored 1960’s Bendix Brake Analyzer Test Machine every unit is tested before leaving our facility.
  • We offer a “R & R” (Rebuild & Return) service for those customers who prefer their own unit back.
  • We can restore any Bendix, Delco Moraine, Kelsey-Hayes, Midland, Girling Servo, Lockheed  and Benditalia Bonaldi Units.
  • We can restore your original Master Cylinder with our Stainless-Steel Sleeving Service.
  • We also carry a complete line of new replacement Master Cylinders – for Power Brake equipped cars.
  • We also offer a complete Brake Booster Kits, Master Cylinder Kits and Parts Inventory for all Brake Boosters.

General Representation of the Various Types of Brake Boosters We Rebuild

Bendix Hydro-Vac

6 3/4″ Can

14″ Can

Bendix Master-Vac

Single Diaphragm

Dual Diaphragm

8 Screw

Bendix Power-Vac

Oval Type

Round Type

Bendix Treadle-Vac

Delco Moraine

5 1/4″ Power Brake Units

Air Suspended Diaphragm Type (4 Stud)

Vacuum Suspended Deep Can

Vacuum Suspended 9″ & 11″ Can

Vacuum Suspended Dual Can


Accordion Type

Vac-Draulic Type


10 Screw

Single Diaphragm

Dual Diaphragm

Hydro Power

Hydro Power – Trucks

Girling Servos


Benditalia Bonaldi

Bendix Power Brake Booster Analyzer

*When Harmon Classic Brakes was located in Los Angeles, we received a lead on a Bendix Power Brake Booster Analyzer in Mexico. We were excited to find this unique Unit and restore it back to its original condition to use in testing all of our Brake Boosters. We have updated this Unit to meet the modern requirements for today’s use.

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