At Harmon Classic Brake we specialize in obsolete Power Brake Booster Repair Kits.  We manufacture over 500 + parts that have been discontinued over the years for all major O.E.M. Brands.  Our technical parts staff has well over 35 years of experience and knowledge in manufacturing to O.E.M. specifications.

Our Kits are the most complete in the industry.  When you purchase one of our Kits you can be assured that it contains all the critical parts and components necessary to restore your Power Brake Booster back to “like new” performance.

We also provide a complete “Power Brake Restoration Service” for most O.E.M. Brands.  We stand above the competition by installing your Brake Booster with one of our Major Repair Kits never reusing old worn-out parts that can hinder your cars performance.

Every Classic Brake Booster is hand-built, inspected and tested on a fully updated and restored Bendix Power Brake Tester (Circa 1963 – See website for photos) guaranteeing the quality of product you will receive.

As an added advantage, we return all the component parts that have been replaced; something our competition cannot do.  The only exception is a few early diaphragms that we re-rubber the steel plate.   We provide these old parts so you can rest assured the value of your purchase with us.

We understand that you can find cheaper Power Brake Units out there; however, you cannot find better.

If you do not see a particular Part, Kit, or Booster listed, please fill out our contact information sheet or call us directly at (678) 880-9299 and we will assist you in your quest.

Happy Motoring!
Harmon Classic Brakes, LLC

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